Antioxidant, relaxes muscles after exercise and quickly eliminates lactic acid.
Maintaining cell membrane integrity; Growth by contributing to ossification, either directly or by enhancing the synthesis of thyroxine; reproduction;

Weight 1.5 kg
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ELITE / antioxidant, relaxes the muscles after training and quickly eliminates lactic acid.

Selenium / Vit. E

Antioxidant, muscle work, protection of the body, interventions in the energy mechanisms.

Vitamin E and selenium are interdependent and work together as part of a multi-component system that supports a healthy horse. Vitamin E is an antioxidant and closely related to selenium.

ELITE Consumption: 1 week every day, then 2-3x / week in the training and competition phase.


Box of 1.5 kg. contains 50 cans of 30 g. Negative of anti-doping tests.


Weight 1.5 kg


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